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We produce only the best
For our customers “Tagil Beer ” brand is a guarantee of excellent quality and individual taste of the products.

Currently one of competitive advantages of «Tagil beer», LLC. Is modern production infrastructure: a factory is equipped with newest machines from the leading European manufactures. A distinctive feature of the factory is ability of own malt-house, which helps to use best sorts of barley, passed through delicate preparation and strict quality control.

Our company makes real “live” beer using 100% of malt, which not only significantly influences the costs, but also proficiently distinguishes us of other manufacturers, who produce so-called “beer drink”, not the beer. “Tagil beer”, LLC. Won more than 80 various rewards stating good quality and ecologically clean, including international exhibitions awards (Belgium, Italy, France, Switzerland).

By a present moment our product range includes 12 beer brands with a possibility to ship in glass bottle 0,5 liter volume, and also in PET package 1,5 liter volume, and also draft filtered and unfiltered beer in aluminum and PET KEGs. Applying various brewing technologies helps to produce different beer brands, which suit even the most exacting customer. The factory exists for over 40 years by now, and thus we can speak of brand strength and loyalty.

From 2004 a complete factory modernization has been held, as a result of which production volumes rose significantly and product quality stepped forward and reached international standards.